Growing up, I loved sitting around with my family and looking at photo albums that helped us reminisce about wonderful memories. I’ve always had an appreciation for taking and keeping pictures; and while phones and digital cameras have made doing that so much easier, I didn’t like that my memories had to stay on a digital screen.  

When my first daughter was born, I created her very own album with all her milestones and key events from birth until her first birthday. I was able to capture her first tooth growing in, her first steps, and the incredible joy of her first words. This started as a hobby, but I quickly learned that I have a talent and true passion for binding precious memories into beautiful albums. With each album I created, I watched the memories of the past come alive and I was able to share in the emotions of the photos as they came together to form a story. My friends, family, and growing client base have given me the honor of curating personal albums to match their style and preferences. Wedding albums quickly became my favorite album to work on, because I truly feel like I am a part of each wedding whose album I create.

Since starting my small business, I have made hundreds of different styles and albums that allow families to forever cherish their most valuable possession: their memories together.