4 tips on choosing the best chosen & Kallah pictures for your album.

Your wedding was a few months ago and you finally get the exciting news that your photos are ready. You are excited to see how beautiful they came out and can’t wait to relive your event through them. As you start looking through the thousands of pictures, you might become overwhelmed with how much you love every photo and the thought of choosing just a few may feel impossible. With thousands of pictures, one might start to look like the next but with subtle differences in angle, lighting, and posing.

Below are some tips that can help you sorting through a large photo count:

Tip 1:  Different shapes of pictures:

When gathering photos, I would tell clients to send some pictures that are square as well as some that are horizontal. This way, the designer can lay them out with a cohesive yet aesthetically pleasing flow.

See the spread below it has pictures that were taken in all different angles but all complement each other to flow smoothly.

Tip 2: Tell YOUR story:

Choosing pictures doesn’t have to follow an exact formula. YOU get to choose what means the most to you or with whom you have the best memories. When I chose the pictures for my own wedding album, I chose a picture of my husband and I laughing because that moment of joy that was captured was meaningful to us. It’s important to choose the photos that mean something, or they can just stand out to you because they look nice! These are your family’s key memories to cherish, so choose those that mean something to you. While this may seem obvious to some, it’s important to keep this in mind when sorting through so many photos with so many different important people: choose the ones you LOVE.

Tip 3: Starting off with a bang:

I often like to start the album with a picture of the bride and groom together, along with some photos of them individually. The first page is also the beginning of your forever together, so let’s highlight YOU!

Tip 4: Including meaningful objects:

During my own wedding photos, I struggled between wanting to showcase the watch I got my husband and, of course, my new diamond ring, and not wanting the objects to be the focus or use too much valuable album space. I tell my clients they can include objects, and I will place them strategically so that they are not the focus of the album but showcase the meaningful and traditional gifts that represent so much! In the photo below, you can see how the photos flow seamlessly together to include the core items that will always be a part of your special day.